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Kitting Services
Kitting Services
Our efforts are second-to-none, focusing on packing consolidation, cabinet pre-builds, patch panel builds and labelling. Each pre-staging service is designed to reduce time and resources during installation with value and efficiency, at its core, for our customers.
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Packing Consolidation

We understand the restrictions some Data Centre facilities have in place when dealing with additional packaging. Our efforts to work with third parties on reducing the amount of packaging is second-to-none, ensuring faster on-site deployment saving you time and money.

Our Warehouse team work tirelessly on improving the consolidation of orders when requested. This pre-stage service ensures that products are correctly separated whilst limiting the amount of waste. We ensure that all cardboard/packaging is reused or recycled as a part of our ongoing efforts to minimise waste.

Cabinet/Racking Pre-builds

Our flexible approach to Data Cabinet pre-builds comes with our selection of industry-leading brands including Panduit, Siemon and Prism Enclosures. Each solution offers ideal opportunities to construct any Data Cabinet based upon our customer's specifications. Our in-house process enables us to quickly build and dispatch the same day.

Our service also enables us to install additional components such as PDUs, patch panels, cable management and blanking into the same cabinet.

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Patch Panel Builds

Buying pre-built fibre patch panels can save vital time and money versus manually inserting each adaptor. We offer a hassle-free solution of loaded patch panels. We stock 12 and 24 port panels loaded with 4, 8, 12, 16 and 24 adaptors.

Our ability to configure in-house ensures that the focus remains on quality and execution of installing. We also offer distinct types including ST, SC, LC and FC with Duplex or Simplex available in SC and LC. With a minimal MOQ for bespoke panels, take advantage of our bespoke service today.


Customers can save time and resources with our bespoke labelling service, as a part of our kitting and pre-stage offerings. Our dedicated Account Managers will work with you on your individual requirements and labelling needs.

Labelling can prove a vital component to your next installation, allowing easy identification of patch leads and cable. This saves crucial time versus manually undertaking this. There is a standard 5 working day lead time for this service and an additional fee is charged.